I swear I sneezed and 9 months flew by.........I don't feel like I'm in control of my time, life is whizzing away and its dragging me along for the ride whether I am ready or not!!!!
I still have Christmas photos to upload,my son now has 3 teeth and is doing the funky chicken crawl, Kali has turned into 1/2 parrot and 1/2 sponge. She is grasping and understanding soooooooooo much. WHERES my BABY??? I'm back at work and its almost like I never left!!

A HUGE thank you to MOM2 for coming up to this snow infested town she soooooo loves!!! to care for day in and out for three weeks my lil munchkins so I could focus on doing my OFA3. We felt for her cuz she was stuck inside with no wheels and no way of getting around.....I think a bit of cabin fever set in along with how do I talk to an adult again? My MIL lives on the Island and is normally running around from this place to that and shopping...well there was none of that here!!! So PAPA you should be thanking us we think we saved you all that after Christmas sales!!! even thou you had to live on frozen pizza and take out!! But seriously THANKS meant a ton!!!

just some randoms.......

Kali has grasped the concept of big and little....."Kali bigger" yes hunny I say.
"Kali have lil boobies.... mommie have B...I...G...Boobies!"

I came home after class and sat down at the super table with Kali, Parker and Nana. "Kali did you have fun today? What did you do?" Kali say "YEAH.... NANA TOOTED!!!!" I laugh and look over to a red faced laughing Nana who say "I can't get away with anything anymore!!"

Kali and I are changing PT's diaper. Kali says "Parkers Penis" I say "yes thats Parkers penis"
Kali looks down at herself and says" Kalis penis too?" "No hunny Kali doesn't have a penis, only boys do" Kali gets a mad face and restates "KALI HAS A PENIS TOO!" again I laugh and say "No hunny you have a vagina, Parker has a penis" Kali "OH Parker has a penis, Kali has a ina"

My first day back to work I had to hang my first aid certificate up on the wall in the first aid normally I do not swear all that much. Thinking I was alone I was having a frustrating time getting my frame to stay on the wall I said " every things going for a shit!" Behind me I hear a voice say " first day back at work and you are already swearing!!" I turn around to see my Dougie standing there!!! hunny has only ever sworn in front of me maybe 5 times in 11 years!!! of all the people to be behind me!!!

My second day at work I was in the lunch room eating my lunch I went to eat my banana and found a message Duggie wrote on the side of it! " I LOVE YOU XOXOX" My girlfriend T was with me and we had a lil chuckle. ( I love it when he does the lil things that make me laugh and time I went to eat my lunch and he had taken one bit out of everything in my lunch kit, my sandwhich, my carrots, my makes me laugh).......anyway everyone at work wants to know if I'm going to have anymore me being gone it means a move up for some and a full time job for others so with T standing by my side I blurted out " No... No more children no matter how many I LOVE YOU bananas I get" ......maybe you had to be there but it was funny to us!

Trudi our nanny is working out amazing the kids love her....and so do I its almost like Nana never left. She does the kids laundry, cleans up abit and if I forget to do something I just gotta call home and ask her to take out the meatsauce from the freezer that I forgot to do before I left for work!!! Its soooooo nice not having to get the kids up in the morning, Trudi just comes over and waits for em to wake up. Less stress on me and them.

Tonite should be interesting its my first 12 hour night shift in over two we have any bets on what time I'll make it to before I crash!!!

will try to upload some stuff tomorrow if I don't sleep the day away!!

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3 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Fuck...Dug wouldn't like me as a non-swearing spouse!

  2. Pen Says:

    lol, cute stories and I can't believe how much they change in such a short time!!!

    I'll call you later today, showering and off to puppy classes with Quade.