Hope everyone has a wonderful day full of love!! Just a quick post while I wait for my hunk of a man to come home from work!! We've got movies, champange, and take out!! along with mini chocolate cheese cakes........Ain't love Grand!! This year I decided to write my hunny a poem...I know, I know I'm a total CHEESEBALL!! But a cheeseball in love is the best kind of cheeseball to be!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYBODY!!!!!

ps Holly you have that love child of yours yet?? holding out till the 16th are you??

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2 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Let me guess...
    "Oh duggie bid daddy
    Must often called dug
    Is the name of my man
    Who I wanna do more than hug"...?

    Waiting for my babe to come home. We got butter chicken wraps, chocolate covered strawberries(can't stand champagne...sorry...)wine, and a delectable heart shaped chocolate mousse dessert. to get ready and light some candles...
    Happy Lovin'

  2. Sharijoy Says:

    Isn't it "Oh Konan big Daddie most often called Dug is the name of my man who I wanna shag on the rug!!" lol still think your version to scott was cute! No I did a different kind of cheese poem using all the letters in his name..... Dug and I had this bottle of champagne from like when we went to I thought lets try it with some oj....we had no oj and we had about two sips and chucked it!! I gave the rest to our sitter!! Doug and I are sooooo the same....I keep thinking one day he and I will be all GROWN up and drink wine together and we just can't get into it. I love my water and he his coke!