Today I have an apointment to talk with a dietician......Generally I think I eat pretty healthy. I don't love chocolate like some girlfriends...(cough Jenny) But I do like my salt and butter mostly on popcorn...thats my weakness. so is fresh home made bread but seeing how both Doug and I don't make home made bread thats not a problem in our house. I think the number one contributing fat factor for me is our late nite movie watching snacking!! Not thats its all the time but its enough that my scle has seen no movement in either direction!! So I figure a lil chat with the dietician will help me maybe get a better idea of what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. Sometime today too I have to figure out my work shifts for the bootcamp session to see if I'm off enough of them to register!! Anyway gotta run apointments in 20 mins!!!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Hey I must save my name...I love chocolate, but RARELY do I eat it anymore!!
    Good luck with a dietician. I bet if you kept a food diary you'd be able to see where you overate and what bad foods you chose. They do help in keeping you accountable!
    Talk to you later!

  2. Pen Says:

    Good to hear Shari and I agree with Jenny about the food diary. It's surprising how much one can eat in a day and not even realize it.

  3. Sharijoy Says:

    Yeah I planned on keeping a food journal so I could show the dietician the next time I saw her......Jen your names fine we all know you've had to cut it down and out!! Same with popcorn for me its not as often as I'd like!!! My problem isn't over eating its no eating enough all then my dinner portion is too large.....gotta add in all those snacks!!! but its a start!! I still can't believe the amount of food I should be eating!!

  4. SueakaNana Says:

    i'm doing the w.w. points system, its amazing what you can eat, and i do like to write things down, so i can see how many points i have eaten in a day, but even tho, the scale is moving down slowly i can feel it in my clothes. so slow but sure.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    hello!!?? you do realise i'm a dietitian right??!! xxxx tash