I know I keep BLABBERING about how quickly time is FLYING by but it is….it REALLY IS!! Can you believe lil miss KJ is going to be 3 in Sept. So its time for me to start looking into pre schools for her. I find I’m in the need for some advice in this department!! What are some of the things you looked for or considered when choosing a pre school for your child? My SIL sent me some info she had on the subject. ( that girl is a WEALTH of info. ANYTHING you need to find out about she could hunt it down and find something on it!! THX Kim)
Some things she told me that she considered….I WOULD NEVER, EVER OF EVEN THOUGHT OF!!!

** She asks what kind of music they listen to? I would of assumed kids music!! Another reason to NEVER ASSUME! She said shes been to places where rock stations are playing all day broadcasting their music and their talk shows and such…which is not really appropriate for little ears.

** The other thing she asks is if there is a TV. How often are the children watching it? What programs are being showed and if they play movies? If they do play movies do they first ok the film by all of the parents before allowing the kids to see it? What they may consider appropriate I may not agree with.

Anyway theres some points to ponder. Which got me thinking what other things should I be considering? I found it all very interesting what I choose for my child will impact them immensely so the pressure is on to choose wisely!! There are also places out there that limit the amount of toy play they allow so the child can be creative and imaginative. I’d like to look into this more but I’ll be lucky being in a small town if I have any choices at all!!
So what do you think? What do you look for? consider? have any advice?any stories you wanna share? Please do tell!!

I know there are some out their too who choose not to send their children to pre school…..why is that? What are your reasons?

For me I was thinking it’d be good for her to
1.Interact with kids her own age
2.Prepare her for the structure of school and classroom time, instead of just throwing her into the mix.
3.Help her to develop social skills, creativity, and imagination. ( MOSTLY MAKE MESSES OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE!!! Not to say she doesn’t make messes!)
4.And lastly to learn stuff from and with her fellow peers, sometimes children learn faster from discovery and colleagues…..which really scares the begeezus out of me!! This could be both Good and Bad....VERY VERY BAD!!

So there you have it!! Thoughts? Input? Tips? WARNINGS? Do tell!

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3 Responses
  1. SueakaNana Says:

    hi Shari, its really really to bad that Mrs Riley has closed her preschool, she was the best for three year olds then 4 year olds. All my grandchildren went there and wow what a differnce it made them starting K. I'm not sure who is left in town, there is the one under the Pentacostal Church, but it is run by Liz and Tracey now, Nydia has nothing to do with it anymore. If you know Brandi Flegel/Thornton you could ask her what she thinks of it, and i'm not sure who else has a preschool. for three year olds. Good luck tho, as you do want the best. I know with Mrs Riley pretty much when women had given birth they had phoned her up and reserved a spot yes she was that good Shari.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Let me try this again,eventhough phoned you in my comment!LOL
    I LOVE Gavin's preschool. Someone recommended it to me. There are no tvs(???) and they don't listen to any radio station. They have a daily craft, floor time, story time and they an outdoor time(weather permitting). Each month there is a newsletter sent out discussing the months specific theme they are learning.They have also done field trips. The teachers are very courteous, respectful and teach the children respect and courtesy of others as well.
    I think you should ask people where they sent their kids to. After finding this out you could visit the preschool(with Kali) and see how you(and Kali)like the environment, teachers, etc. Also ask to see what kind of school agenda they have. What topics they discuss, themes they learn about...etc. Don't forget to listen to your gut instinct. Sometimes what may work for someone may not work for you guys.
    I think preschool is AMAZING for a child to attend. Gavin is the only one of our boys that went and he is going into Kindergarten way more knowledgeable than the others. It's cute to see them socializing and he won't be afraid to venture into a classroom atmosphere.
    Too bad you're out of our catchment area....I'd recommend his preschool!!
    Hurry up though! I know that space is filling up in certain preschools and K* is probably the same.
    I can't believe our babies are growing up so fast!!! Gavin has his Grad from preschool in ya think I'll be an emotional wreck??? Kali starts in September...that blows my mind even more!!!
    I think I'll come out this weekend. I need a Shari/Kali, Parker, fix....

  3. Janelle Says:

    i'm also getting Kamryn in preschool & have NO idea what to look for (though i only have 2 to choose from!) i'm hoping when they have their open house, i'll become more aware. you've got me thinking!