Well have we had some fun fun fun around here!!!!

So lets recap......

Monday...upchucking girl child from 4am all morning went to hospital , got home 9ish and Kali slept till 2pm. She slept good that night but didn't really eat much

Tuesday... She wasn't herself ....but at least she wasn't puking . Went all day and night with no vomiting. Parker was alright during the day but power puked that much so that I decided to sleep on the floor outside his crib just in case he was sick again while he slept. I didn't want him to choke on his vomit. My sitters husband got really sick Tuesday as well, upchucking and passing out....Very nasty!!

Weds...During the day I told Doug I wasn't feeling 100% but at least I wasn't tossing my cookies. I was achy I think from sleeping on the floor and just a bit queasy. Doug said he felt fine before he had to go in for his graveyard shift. Kali and Parker weren't sick but still didn't eat well and were just off from their normal lil selves. But NO PUKING!!!

Thurs...Dougie comes home after his graveyard shift saying he has been puking every hour since 11pm, shivers dry, heaves...he was in rough shape. then we tried to get Kali to eat abit more at suppertime cuz neither kids have had very much to eat. around 10pm when we were going to bed she woke up puking again. I thought it was over!! Its been days since she was sick. I don't know, guess we just have to ride it out. If it isn't better after the week end we'll all go to the doctors. And why is it that kids always get sick on a holiday week???

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Easter.....I'm hoping for a nice quite one with no more soiled sheets to wash!!

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  1. SueakaNana Says:

    oh your poor family i feel for you, geez, poor little ones they have no control, it just comes, at least with my boys they could make it to the toilet right. i still don't know how they do it out of a dead sleep and make it. wow. i have been sick today, i hope it doesn't spoil my Easter dinner tomorrow i tell you what, have a great Easter Shari. Hope everyone is back to semi-normal by now.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hope everyone is back to snuff in no time flat!
    We saw Dug and the babes in Walmart...Kali didn't look too well! Hope she's feeling better.
    We'll stop by tomorrow afternoon quick. I have your magnets. They were $10.
    Will talk to you later!