Just a quick note before I head into work. Doug and Kali spent the nite last nite in the Hospital. We'll know more today. Came home from work yesterday to see her lil belly distended and a lil hard like a poor bi afro baby. After super I took her to the Hospital where they did an xray It showed she has a build up of gases and perhaps a blockage. The Dr wanted her to stay overnite. Both Doug and I work today but Doug was easier to replace at work than I was, we have a shortage of first aiders right now so Doug went back to stay the nite with her. Have to run to work or I'll be late....will post later when I get a chance. Keep Kali in your thoughts!!

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4 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    Oh Shari,
    Sending lots of love and saying lots of prayers for Ms. Kali. Please call me at work as soon as you know anything.
    xoxoxo Pen

  2. Jenny Says:

    I'll be saying my prayers for the lil munchie!!
    I'll give you a call later when you know more!
    Love you!

  3. Christy Says:

    Praying for her Shari! Let us know how she is?

  4. SueakaNana Says:

    awww shari, kali's tummy is cute with the pic, but hola, the size of it. i hope you find out soon what it is. gassy for sure, toreys was out there too, and she had to have two fleet enemas not a happy camper, and it still didn't help. have narrowed it down to no more dairy, or else her tummy gets bloated and crampy and she has been very good about the lactose free things that she can eat. gee i hope kali is doing better now, not fun when little ones are feeling under the weather, makes for upset parents thats for sure. thinking of you Nana Sue