Today I received a trial set of DIVA DIAMONDZ they are these cute lil diamond pouches for your shoes to get the stink out!! Now NO ONE wants to admit they have stinky foot problems....BUT MY WORK BOOTS BY THE END OF THE DAY COULD WALK OFF ON THEIR OWN, THEY SMELL SO BAD!!! So when I get back to work after my next shift I'll be popping these babies into my foul boots to see if they make a difference. LETS HOPE SO!!!
The pouches are natural, renewable, and reusable. They absorb stink and moisture. To revitalize them ( after 2 to 3 months) just place in direct sun for 8 hours......Voila reuse!!

I love their catch phrase "Takes the FUNK out of footwear"....anyway....

We.... also received a set of SPORTZGEMZ to check out....well I don't know if you have a HOCKEY PLAYING HUNNY but I do and let me tell you the aroma wafting from his gear bag can at times be almost somewhat gagging in nature. small animals could die if they got too close to it. So I'll be very interested to see if theres any results with the lil Sportz Gemz. They are the same concept of the others only the pouch is a bit bigger for the inside of the gear bag and there is two smaller pouches for the skates or gloves or or whatever else get smelly. The only real warning is not to leave it inside of anything leather for more than 48 hours because it pulls the moisture out of it and leather needs to retain some moisture.
Isn't it rather perfect timing for these lil gifts too Doug just happens to be in a Hockey tournament this coming weekend!!! Poor Poor Pouches having to work over time right off the shelf!!

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3 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    OOOh, I have some places that those little stink removers could go! Where did you find them? Hal could use some in his hockey bag i'm sure and i've got work shoes that would benefit as well, lol.

  2. Wendy Says:

    Hi Sherri Lynn - happened to be looking through my log files and found your site. Glad to hear you received the Divaz and SportzGemz and I'd love for you to email me with your findings!

    Wendy Ratel, Diamond Diva Designz - creator of SportzGemz, Diva Diamondz and Gentlemen Gems

  3. Wendy Says:

    Sorry Shari Joy - I apologize for getting your name wrong!