Not sure if anyone notice but my lil weight ticker gal has moved down towards the scale!! YIPPIE! in total its only 10 pounds I've lost but you gotta start some where. I spent the entire other day re arranging my computer room so I could set up my treadmill. Now I just gotta get dougie to figure out what stuff we still need, we have more computer cds than we know what to do with. I swear I still own windows 97 disc!! But thats HIS domain so I don't want to get rid of anything I'm not suppose to.

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  1. Pen Says:

    Congrats Shari!! I'm very happy for you that it's coming off and more importantly that it is coming off slowly...less chance of it finding it's way back!

    I've got Hal pretty well trained now (okay he realizes that i'm gonna do it anyways, lol). When I go through his stuff first I put it all out in one place and we sit there together and I'll say "Babe, you haven't worn it/used it/looked at or touched it for so long, do you really need it? When will you use it?"
    This has helped tremendously with getting my pack rat to give up some of his stuff.

    Now, to apply this to my crafty shit in the office, lol!

    I'm going to start taking pictures of some of the stuff we have and put it in an album, then get rid of the item. Honestly have to get busy with EBay pics too.

    xo Pen