Well Kali still isn't herself yet.....she slept from 9am -2 pm yesterday. Then she ate a lil bit ,played a bit. She was doing great!!! UNTIL......bedtime we sat read a couple of story's and then projectile puking began!! Emptied out her lil system all over the bed, the bathroom floor the toilet, the rug and part of the wall!! Conveniently Mr Doug was at a hockey meeting!!So lets just say 6 loads of laundry and more gravol my lil one fell sleep sitting in her chair then transferred her to bed where glad to say she slept without throwing up for the rest of the night!! This morning she still looks abit pale and is needy, wanting to be carried and cuddled and problems. Still not eating much or drinking much.She just wants to lie around and watch TV. She had a nap today which she hasn't done for sooooo long. She she must of needed it!!
And on a complete other note what the heck is going on we woke up fresh snow today!! So much for spring!! I think we'll have snow in our yard till mid june!!

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5 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    Glad to hear little sunshine is feeling better and you don't have pukeys to clean up today. Keeping fingers crossed that lil PT doesn't come down with it now.

    ps: just in case I forget to mention it later your Google search bar doesn't work and I wanted to click on one of your ads for organizing and it wouldn't let me outclick...not sure if it's my system or your links.

  2. Janelle Says:

    oh - GET BETTER sweetie!!
    i hate puke. yuck.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Gravol will make her sleepy!
    Hope the l'il munchkin is feeling better!
    Hugs to Miss KJ!!
    Tell her Auntie Jenny loves her!

  4. Sharijoy Says: jinxed us!! I was talking to my MIL and Parker was puking upstairs I thought it was Kali!!!

  5. Sharijoy Says:

    Here we go again!!! Trudi phoned today to say that her husband Joe is Puking his heart out too!! Wonder who will be next doug or me???