Well today I was suppose to be day shift, Lil Miss KJ woke me up at 4am covered in puke!! I know you are all so so so jealous!!! Anyway we changed her and her bedding and put her back down, Dougie left for work and I had 1/2 hour before my alarm was going to go off so I decided to lay back head hit the pillow and I heard poor Kali retching.....Shes never thrown up before, poor lil thing was so scarred, half crying, all wide eyed with mommie help me looks!! So I got her all undressed and put her in the tubby. Still she kept upchucking into this lil bucket.....she wanted nothing to do with it. I'm trying to console her and convince her to spit up in the bucket. I of course called in sick to work. brought Kali to the hospital and she had some pretty good pukes there to. She didn't want to eat anything or drink anything....she was very pale and sleepy but her temp was normal. I was concerned about her dehydrating....that lil I don't know how much fluid loss is substantial enough for someone her size. Doctor said if it doesn't pass by the morning I'm to bring her back to emerg. We got home at 9am and she's still sleeping, she's had two lil mouthfuls of jello and thats it. Anyway off to wash pukey bedding and make some chicken noodle soup for when she wakes up!! Our sitter Trudi took PT to her house so I don't have to worry about him for now. Have I told you how amazing she is!!! She truly is a Gods send!!
I'll let you all know how shes doing later!! So far three loads of laundry....1/2 a load was PT's bedding!! Have I told you all how much I love doing laundry!!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    It sucks having a sick kiddo in the house! Try having 3 and a sick mommy and daddy....that is unimaginable!!
    Give her big hugs from Auntie. Wish I was there to help. Let me know if you need anything!

  2. SueakaNana Says:

    5hi shari, i spent last weekend at tanya and kevins place, and yup you guessed it, derek and justin were sick as well, both ends but its so much better when they are older, they didn't even really want their nana to much, it lasted pretty much the whole time i was there, oh well, all was good, mom and dad got home and justin was the first to start it and the last to finish it. so today they are both full of energy and tanya is taking the both of them to open gym. but its sad to see the little ones sick, it was a nasty bug for sure, so far mike t t and i have avoided it so maybe the flu shot did work for us hopefully. and me if you are free sometime next week i am meaning the 24th and 25th i have a couple of things to ask you on the blog like how the hell to get rid of that stupid xmas counter and it was something else, i came close but no bananas on it. hope all is well at your house now, parker probably won't get it but don't know about you and doug hehe, hope not tho. take care ttyl