Calling all belly dancers.....I know there's a few blogger buds that live close enough to partake in a one day belly dancing class. I've done the class sessions before (not with this instructor) that run for a couple of months and it was a HOOT!! I had a BLAST!! I haven't done it in years but thought it would be a great girly get together!! The dates are listed on her site which I have linked in my title. I believe its April the 19th thats a Sat......I just gotta check with big daddie D...he wants to go to PG sometime this month. I know some of you may be thinking your a lil too over weight to do it!! But you aren't!! Its soooooo much fun... mostly for US beginners will be using trickery.....the way you move your leg and hips you appear to be doing something difficult when really its very simple!! You can also go to You tube and check out her two videos....there under Omana.

For those of you who are not interested it that.......Penny and I were also talking about going white water rafting in July. Now I have been in Costa Rica, Spencers Bridge and twice to Smithers. ITS A GREAT TIME TOO!!! Us girls are thinking about maybe allowing our significant others to come.....Apparently theres a run on the Kitimat river thats classed as a 3....Pen has more details about that than I do. But thoses interested we could maybe phone and get a group rate.

I was also thinking maybe we could start a once a month during the SUMMER on a NICE DAY hike or bike or park excursion as a some new people, get out in the fresh air, take the kids or not depending on where we go....just let our dishes pile up in the sink and enjoy ourselves!! So what do ya'll think?

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  1. Jenny Says:

    I told Gwen and Joni already about the belly dancing.
    Won't be here for the river rafting...

  2. Pen Says:

    Wish I was more into the belly dancing kind of stuff but just not for me. You guys will have a hoot i'm sure!

    It's the Copper River just out of Terrace that has the river rafting. Hal said he can take us river rafting alright on the Kitimat, lol.

  3. Jenny Says:

    LOL Pen, Scott said the same thing to me!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Papa says,
    I,m in

  5. Sharijoy Says:

    Papa I would LOVE TO SEE THAT!!!!!!
    I'll get my loonies ready!!!

  6. Pen Says:

    Can I swipe the debit card on d'butt? I'd pay to see you shake your 'money maker'!

    xo Pen