I've been on a bit of a blogging break.....I really haven't felt like me!! I'm not sure what the problem is....but I'm just not myself. Heaven forbid I say I'm even somewhat ANTISOCIAL!!!! I know ME!! people you really know me will have gasped at that statement. I've been trying to put my finger on what the root of the problem is and well I've come up with a whole lot of little things that just seem to be dragging me down. There is sooooooooome good news I'm off till May 3rd and Dougie, the kids and I will be getting out of town for a mini break. My Inlaws will meet us half way in PG for a couple of nites. I know the Kali is really looking forward to seeing her Nana and Papa. Big Hugs to Shay for a Belated Happy BDay.
HUGE HUGS and Kisses to Pen and Hal they had to say good bye to their fur baby Quad the other day he was just in too too much pain. Quad you will be missed especially by my Kali. Who called him "BIG BOY" Were thinking about you's......xox
As for the title of this post....... I have been hitting my to do's.....and so far marked off on the done it side are
1. Put up Kalis 2 Pictures over her bed
2. Cut, and install carpet strip in Laundry room/computer room
3. Put dimmer switch on PT's main light
4. Change over all old wall plugs to new white ones w/ new face plates
5. Fix Parkers door sign
6. Scrap off all stickys on his door so I can paint it!! ( NEVER USE THOSE FOAM TWO SIDED STICKERS.....PAIN IN ASS TO REMOVE)
7. I have a before...sort of of my upstairs landing, as usual I get all excited and start at' er and then think #$%^ forgot to take the picture...but well you can see I have been removing butt ugly green striped wall paper fro my hall. Finished Yesterday!
8. Today I mudded it and a couple other walls..... will sand and prime walls soon, hoping tomorrow.

On another RENO Note

I really want to go against my Hunny and rip out upstairs carpet and start to prep the floor for our laminate. We already have everything he just thinks theres soooo much other stuff that has to be done. But I'm the one whos off on Vak and it would be me doing the bulk of the work...I'd just want his help installing the floor ( 6 hours TOPS). Mind you I could do it on my own but he's pickier than I am ( which is a good thing) So his cuts would be PERFECT and mine would be just good!.....We'll see, I do have alot still left on my list that I could pull from. We need to have the floor done before we go to Vancouver ...that way in case we need more boxes or floor transition strips we can bring em back with to see how my mud is drying!!....Did anyone even miss me??? post pictures tomorrow!

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3 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    When are you going to Vancouver?
    You've done lots. Wanna come over to my house??LOL
    Miss you!

  2. Sharijoy Says:

    Not as much as I could of done if I'd had a babysitter!!LOL Kali was helpful wetting the walls to remove the wall paper. parker started out pretty good but then he wanted to EAT the soap we had to stop. Mudding was a whole other story!! Lets just say I LOVE NAP TIME!!

  3. SueakaNana Says:

    i missed you kept checking in and all i saw was your cute little kiddies. i'm out of sorts as well do you think it might be the weather not sure?? be nice for you to get out and have a little break, we went to pg last weekend and it was nice. this weekend we have a karate tournament, hey shari what you doing saturday, i think they need a first aider. hehe. oh hey what about terry. angie should ask her right. ttyl sue