Front side of our driveway
side of the house
side and back of the yard

Heres some pictures of my yard......taken TODAY!!! I swear we will have snow into June!! Our front yard has almost rid itself of snow (with the helping hand of me shoveling it and breaking it apart) Hoping by the end of this week the front yard will be clear and we can get a LATE start on raking and such!

Been working away at my upstairs hallway, got all of it sanded today and will start to cut in the edges tonite. Hoping to have it all primed x2 and maybe one good coat by end of tomorrow. Had a couple of slack days where I didn't touch it. My upstairs alcove and hallway is a bit tricky to figure out what t paint cuz some of the walls connect to my living room downstairs via the vaulted ceilings. I'm just gonna tackle part of it now cuz we haven't decided on a living room color yet. heres my shots of the upstairs soooooooo far!

Pretty wallpaper hey???.......(PUKE)
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3 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Yeah that wallpaper's beautiful!!!
    Although nothing can be worse than a pale pink paisley inspired wallpaper, and then barney purple walls in the living room. I think I got you beat!
    Still lots of snow!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    shari can you put a date back up for your blog entries?? tash x

  3. Sharijoy Says:

    Hey Tasha...not sure what you mean?! Email me more details...why you thinking of started a blog! WINK!! ......yeah Paisley pink....not my thing!! I still kinda liked your entry way colour...( Don't know where it would suit but it was alright)the living room NOT SO MUCH!At least you got to it before 3 years where up!!

    Ohhhhhhhhh I see what you mean Tasha!! Yeah I'll look in to that didn't realize it was changed.