Even though poor Duggie Bear didn't want me to rip apart the upstairs hallway he did all I asked him to do and more!! He did the pot lights down stairs and the laminate flooring up stairs, the base moldings and TODAY we laid the laminate flooring in our bedroom. But some how even though we have crossed off stuff on our list .....the list gets LONGER AND LONGER!! Why is that?? ....Oh, I know..... cuz I think of more things to do as we get stuff done or think "well, we can't leave that like that if we just fixed this!!" But whatever still needs to be done....I LOVE THE FLOORING being done. Well almost done Dougie wants to also lay it in our walk in closet sooooo we are short a lil box or maybe two. When we head down to Vancouver we'll have to pick up what we need! " REALLY I"LL USE ANY EXCUSE TO SPEND TIME IN IKEA!!!!" I won't be leaving there with just flooring.

Tonite we spent time with Auntie Pen and Uncle Hal lending them a hand. Parker was just BEAT so Pen suggested a sleep over for PT. Anyhow, we are almost home and Kali realizes Parker is not with us and says "YOU FORGOT MY PARKER" We try to explain that we didn't forget him and that hes having a sleep over with Auntie and Uncle and she says" YOU GO GET MY PARKER!!!" We try to tell her its okay but she says "Its NOT OKAY you forgot my Parker" and she begins to cry. So we told her we'd phone Auntie and Uncle to make sure he was okay. ....Kali's still not impressed!! It was soooo cute. When we got in the house she said" you phone my Auntie and check if my brothers alright!".........meanwhile all day Kali was trying to run from him. She cracks me up!

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2 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Ohhhh that's so cute!!!
    Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Pen Says:

    hehehehe, no kidding Shari. Poor Kali was traumatized. Hal and I were chatting and for us it was the first time we've just had PT too with no Kali.

    Thanks again for Saturday, what a blessing to have that done. I fear that there may have been a funeral had Hal and I tried that ourselves, lol.

    xoxo Pen