Haven't even finished off my last house tear apart and I've started ALL over again!! Mind you my excuse is that I think they are linked to each other. I still have the upstairs trim work and doors to paint as well as a niche that I want to build a desk into but that wall connects to my stairway which connects to the living room WHICH means you just gotta GET 'ER DONE!! so while Mr Hunny was at work on a nite shift I ripped out all of the carpet down the stairs, got rid of the underlay, carpet tacks, staples etc.... and mudded the wall for paint prep.....still have to re mud some spots. We are going to tile the risers of the stairs and carpet the fronts. Penny gave me new carpet that she ripped out of her place so we'll use that.
But as you know when you take something apart you always find someone elses mistakes!!! Five of my steps don't have the bull nose on them so we have to add to it. as well as they didn't screw the gyproc to the wall in some places and the risers backs aren't solid and secure. as well was we have a few squeaky stairs to fix!! BUT at least my BURNT ORANGE CARPET IS GONE!!!! I will try and post pics I'm sooooooo busy doing I just haven't been on the computer in FOREVER!!! Hope everyone is well!

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  1. SueakaNana Says:

    Happy Birthday Shari, Hope your day was great and you were able to spend it doing what ever you wanted. I wished you a good day on your facebook, but you never read that so thats why I'm here... Take care are you going to meeting tomorrow night at Kildala, Monday 7:00 free babysitting. its re the school closing... ttyl Sue