Just got Back from a nice lil VAK..... We drove to Vancouver and stayed in the rental unit of my lil bros townhouse plex. it was only $35 buck-a-roos a night can't beat that!!! My hunny was suposse to play Lacrosse but never did. He was too young for the over 45 team and to hurt for the B team. Plus our days there FLEW by... we didn't get to do as much as we would of liked. Did however get a lil something for myself........

In Natural of my all time favorite colours. I looked at everything!! and I mean EVERYTHING!!!! We weren't sold to any one brand we looked at em all. If i had LOTSA $$$$ I think I would of got a loaded Saturn Outlook. VERY VERY NICE. But I am over joyed with my Veracruz. Its not the limited but it has all my wants....leather, sunroof, rain sensing wipers, 7 passenger. The only thing I wish it had was SIRUS built into it in stead of XM.....Up here in the Tulley's the XM cuts out constantly...won't be renewing that when my free trial time is up. and the one other thing it doesn't have that I would of liked is BLUETOOTH!!!!! But the rest is just AWESOME!!! Best part is ZERO % gotta LOVE THAT!!!

SO anyone need a MPV DX Minivan with fold and go third row, command start, vent visors and sirus radio in it.....LETS MAKE A DEAL!!!!! I even have winter tires and rims I can add to the deal!!

I will try to post gain soon, I still have a week off so I have been trying to help Dougie with the back shed, paint inside and clean up after math of coming home from VAK!!!! BARE With me people....mind you I haven't written in soooooooooooo long or even visited anyone else in soooooooooooo long are there still people out there???

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  1. Pen Says:

    I absolutely love your new wheels and the colour is so you and perfect!

    Missed you while you were gone and it was awesome to spend a bit of time with you guys last night.

    xo Pen