From elephantitis Nuts to no nuts....our poor son!! Lil man had his check up today and the doctor said he was doing really well he was above average on the growth chart and all this even thou I thought he was kinda petite. Doc undoes his diaper and starts routing around down there and says "I only feel one sack" I say " you are the first doctor to tell me that" then he says have you ever noticed a change there?"
I say " uhhh I just clean it... I don't know anything about them there parts!!"
Doctor gets PT to stand up to see if he can feel it any where and he can't. So he tells me Parker is going to need to have a lil operation to RELEASE HIS BOY. If you wait too long he'll be infertile.
So I don't get it..... did he have both sacks before? and one decided to go north? Cuz I swear when he had Jumbo balls there was two. If he has this operation is there a chance of them going back up again?? Is this a very common thing? I tell yeah as gutsy as my son is now with one ball I'd hate to see how ballsy hes gonna be with TWO!!!

When I told Dougie... he said" Thats why hes walking all funny hes balance is thrown off"

Kali got into the car and said "mommie I need two balls" ...I said "SO DOES YOUR BROTHER!!" She didn't get it....and nobody else was there to laugh with me.

But they drop on there own? and how long do you wait before doing an OP? I want my lil man to have functioning bits when hes older!!!

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  1. Pen Says:

    Poor Sparky....hope this doesn't hamper his "Calvin Klein" future, lol.

    Seriously though, Auntie and Uncle wish him well when it comes time for surgery. I'm not sure when the cut off for descending testicles are in humans before surgery is required.

    The Health Unit may have some information on that topic or be able to answer your questions.

    XO Pen