So much has happened in the last lil while and I’ve had zero time to blog… or do anything else I really want to do.


The most devastating thing is our Family dog Alibi is no longer with us. He passed away a couple of weeks ago. It was not a pleasant experience. As you all know we live in a Very, Very small town and our local vet passed away awhile ago so there is currently only two vets between the T*errace  and K*itimat area. Friday, Doug left around 6 in the morning for his annual ATV trip with the boys he was returning home on the Sunday afternoon. I took the kids out in the morning for most of the day. Alibi was an old dog he didn’t quite seem himself but he has a hard time when Doug or any of us go away from home for a trip. Anyway I got home late afternoon and when I walked in the house I knew right away that Alibi was shutting down he just laid there and didn’t want to move it was very heart breaking. I carried him outside and he was limp in my arms, he went pee but I had to hold him. He didn’t even want to stand on his own. When I went in the house I was quite upset I phoned Dougs parents cuz I really thought Alibi should be put down but this was Dougs first true ‘BABY” he had Alibi for 14 some years and it wasn’t really my place to make that kind of a decision with out him. But for the welfare of Alibi…. I was torn!! His parents told me that if a Vet saw him and said he was indeed shutting down and it would be in Alibis best interest to be euthanized than it wasn’t really my call it was the vets. So I phoned and was basically met with a “We’re swamped and your only option is to drive the 4 hours either direction to seek assistance in a different town.” She said I could try the other vet and so I did try…. I missed his office closing by 10 mins. But the receptionist told me she would try to get a hold of him and call me back. I couldn’t believe this!! It takes 10 mins to look at an animal and then euthanize him….. They don’t ask your circumstances like “are you able to drive 4 hours?” or how about take in to consideration that I have 2 children under 3 and I’m by myself with a 60 pound sick animal. Plus I had to work the next day!!!  And I wasn’t even sure if another vet in another town would of even seen me on a weekend, cuz these vets didn’t want to. I was able to get Pen to come and take my kids for the weekend, she was going to be watching them while I went to work anyway, only she was suppose to stay the first nite at my house. I thought I can’t do that to her or my kids. She just lost her dog Quad a lil while ago and I don’t want her to have to wake up with my children and have to deal with a deceased dog.

I waited up to about 10 or so and no phone call back from the vet!!! I really thought Alibi was gonna pass by the morning. It was the worst sleep I ever had. He’d pant and I’d want to pet him, then he’d be quiet and I’d think he was gone….. I put soooooooo many miles on my stairs that nite. Before my last trip to bed I told him how much we all loved him and that he could let go any time…… then I said the Lords prayer and the Now I lay me down to sleep prayer. I shed a few tears….well more than a few.

The next morning I got up earlier to help him out and sit with him before I had to leave for work.  I was soooooooo surprised to see he made it through the nite. He wouldn’t go pee but he did drink and he was looking around a bit….. he’d pant and I’d tell him “daddie” was coming home soon and he’d stop and settle down and drift off for a sleep. Leaving to go to work was probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do!!! I wish that $ was not a factor of life… It was sooooo hard to stay focused at work. My girlfriend T came in 4 hours early for me so I could go home.  It was hard being at home and I it was hard being away from home.

I tried the Vet again and basically I would never and I mean NEVER give Dr.Sager my business. His emergency line is useless.

I explained that Doug was on his way home …. He was out of reach currently by cell phone but that he’d be home and could we meet him at his office to have Alibi put down. I explained that I had called his office on Friday but it was too late in the afternoon and the receptionist told me to go out of town. I explained the signs and symptoms that Alibi was displaying and that I thought he was shutting down.  Hes response to me was” it simply amazes me that people will not drive the four hours to get care for their animal but they will sit and watch them deteriorate in front of them”

I was soooooooooo mad but I had to bite my tongue because at this point Alibi was still alive and needed assistance. Then he went on to say that “I get all kinds of calls on this emergency number from people asking me to sew up their kids arm to asking me about ticks!” I said this is a lil more serious than ticks….. then I asked again about bringing our dog out and he said “ no you’ve waited and watched him worsen the soonest I can see him is tomorrow morning in the office at 8am.” Hung up and I thought you ASSHOLE!!! His license should be revoked!!! 

If I knew Alibi was not gonna make it to that appointment I would have had MORE THAN A FEW WORDS TO SAY!!!! Plus I was already feeling guilty for the circumstances that were at hand.

I knew in my heart that Alibi was just waiting for his dad to get home….. and sure enough Doug came home and Alibi lifted his head and sensed him there and with in 15-20 mins Alibi had passed away in Dougs arms.

There was relief that he wasn’t suffering anymore but there was also such a feeling of loss!!!  I came home and we said our goodbyes wrapped him up in a blanket and then some plastic Doug went to put him in the garage for the rest of the night to keep him cool, he placed him on the ATV and I said “one last ride buddy” then Doug opened the door to the convertible and I lost it…… “How fitting to spend his last nite in the front seat….. he’d really like that Doug” That’s how I remember meeting Doug and Alibi he’d be cruising around in the car with the top down and Alibi would be in the front seat wearing his shades!!

We still had to go and pick up the kids and let them know. How do you explain to a almost 3 year old and to a 17 month old who doesn’t talk yet???

On the way home from Pen’s house I told Kali that Alibi had gone to Heaven to be with his friends like Quad and Polo. That he was up in heaven with the Angels. She asked me if he was still sick I told her no he wasn’t sick anymore now hes all better and watching over you from heaven.  She asked if Alibi could be in her heart and I said yes hes in your heart just like Quad is. She then said I’m glad hes not sick anymore and that hes all better.

Tears rolled down my face as I drove home.

I was home before Doug and what an empty feeling it was walking into the quiet of the house with no Alibi laying by the front door.

I still come home and expect to be greeted by him laying there.

Alibi was always my shadow in the house he’d follow me from room to room. He wasn’t a dog that ever barked but I tell you when I was pregnant he was very protective of me. He’d hear a knock and bark…… but after I had my kids he went back to not barking. It was pure animal instinct.

I still think of him ever nite before bed, it was my before bed ritual to make sure he was in the house and had food and water before I’d turn in. The first nite of his passing I dreamt of him playing in a big grassy field jumping and doing back flips like he use to as a pup.

The one who I think is taking it the hardest is poor Parker……  You see him running around the house searching for something. I think hes looking for Alibi. I took him for a walk a couple of days after Alibi was gone and every dog that barked he wanted to go and see and when I’d lift him up and take him away he’d get really upset and shake his head no.

By the computer is a ceramic head of an Aussie Shepard that Dougs mom gave him in his stocking last year…… Parker was freaking out when he saw it and was pointing and waving until I gave it to him. He so gently took it in his arms and licked it and kissed it and cuddled it into his shoulder… watching this nearly broke my heart, how do you explain to him, how do you make him understand????

Alibi and PT were buds…. Where ever Alibi was Parker was. Parker would go get his bottle and lay on Alibi like a pillow. Or he’d scoot his butt in between Alibis paws and rest his head on Alibis head with one arm around his neck. Kali loved Alibi too but she played with him more than loved him. Parker would go to Alibi for quality snuggles. He’d take his socks off and let Alibi lick his feet till his pant legs were wet!!  That I miss… I miss seeing the joy on his face that he had when he was in Alibis presence.

My Kali is so matter of fact’ly I forgot to inform Trudi my sitter that Alibi was no longer with us. When Trudi came over she learned from Kali that “ Alibi has gone to heaven with the Angels and he’s no longer sick anymore hes all better and he stays with me in my heart” I phoned Trudi to tell her and that’s what she told me Kali told her. It put a tear in my eye. Even tonite we were cuddling on the couch before I had to go to work and she said to me “Mommie I love you and I love Alibi in my heart”

All I could do was tell her yes dear and hold her tight!!


We miss you ole buddie!!! Till we meet again………

 Love and Licks your Family xoxo!!


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5 Responses
  1. Pen Says:
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  2. Pen Says:

    The biggest of hugs and sooo much love to each of you Shari. My heart breaks for you reading your post and can only say that it really doesn't hurt quite as much as time goes on but there are moments that will catch you off guard and hurt like heck. You have many wonderful memories of what an amazing family member Alibi was.

    One of my faves was watching Alibi roll in the sand and get the zoomies after swimming and how wonderfully gentle he was with the kids.

    Hugs, love and peace in your heart,

    * the deleted post was mine...I posted in the wrong topic and moved it here. *

  3. SueakaNana Says:

    Hi shari, ohhh poor Alibi, I still remember him riding with Doug with the shades on. Poor ol guy, its the pits not having a vet here right now and i have heard of so many people going to Rupert for medical attention for their animals, been a lot this summer, and gee I know how we all felt when Tashas little Bianca had a close call but made a bouncing recovery, I was a mess. Mike said were you even this upset when I had my heart attack?? lol what a guy... Anyways Shari, I hope you and the family are getting over your grief slow but sure.. sorry if that doesn't sound right.. but you know I am thinking of you all.. Take care Sue

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Aww so heart breaking that Parker is missing his buddy. It's such a helpless feeling when the little ones don't understand.

    I can only imagine how hard it must have been for Doug to say goodbye to him.


  5. Tanya Says:

    Awww...I'm so sorry Shari. We just went through the same thing with our cat. Same thing with the vets too. Dr. Farkvam's office was by far the best in talking with us...yet we still couldn't get in to see him on time. Dr. Sager's...same thing...they wouldn't see our cat because she wasn't vaccinated...they suggested that we bring her to the pound to have them put her down when they had time...nice eh? Like I wanted my cats last moments to be in a strange place with all kinds of other animals crying around her and then having some stranger take her life. I did get in with Dr. F...but she passed early in the morning on the day of her appt. Its so hard to see an animal suffer and die. I don't know what was wrong with her...she was only seven years old...but she was sick and basically starved to death and her body also shut down.

    Its hard...I've had three of my pets die over my life...I have three more that will someday pass on...hopefully not for a very long time though! Although its hard...I wouldn't trade the unconditional love of a pet for anything.

    I hope things are getting a bit easier. Take care!