First would like to say SORRY to all those who pop in to see something new and find the same ole same ole!! I know how I hate it!! But won't be making any promises of writing anytime soon.... actually I'll be on a blog holiday for awhile. I'm super overwhelmed and have far to much to accomplish it feels like the only time I have to blog is late at night... and truth be told if I didn't have banana bread still baking in the oven I would of hit the hay a long time ago.... or some mornings before I have to go to work and at 5am I'm not feeling to inspired to write. Part of me soooo misses my blogging time. It was a nice escape and something just for me. But it will have to wait for a less hectic time in my life. I will miss all of you and I will try to peek in everyonce and a bit to catch up. I'll be back just not too sure when..... most likely once our kitchen reno is complete or close to complete.  I'll keep track and take pictures and eventually post them maybe with out WORDS... but for now I need to start attacking our ever growing to get'r done list!!  
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