Yesterday was my dads 85 th birthday!! Can you believe that.... imagine what he has seen in his life time what he has lived through!  I still haven't been able to get too many answers as what is going on with my dad, it being a week end and all. I have talked to him a couple of times and he knows who I am and stuff  but he does seems quite confused. I need to talk to his doctor and find out if his meds are right or if there is something new in the mix that could be causing the confusion. I want to try and get him closer to his old surroundings and closer to where his girlfriend lives. I am really hoping there will be an open bed for him in Quincy. So much has happened but hasn't if that makes any sense. I thank God for Joanie his girlfriend, she has been taking care of everything. I was a bit hurt initially that she was doing everything and felt like she was taking over and making decisions too fast. But now I can see that she has been making the right ones. I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it there..... I want to go but don't want to go now and have to go back again . I'll have to wait and talk to everyone first and find out exactly what is happening and what needs to be done and by when before I go. Plus I have Parkers operation coming up soon.  Sorry just not in the mood to write anymore..... too much on my mind.  And not sure how to express it. 
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