I have joined a weightloss blog... its rather nice to go in there and read peoples stories... and its nice to get that unconditional support from women who understand what you are going through... women who are at the same cross road as you.
I know I'm overweight.... I need to loose the weight of a small child!! that makes me think!!!
My problem is I love food... the smell, the taste, I just don't know when to stop eating....I don't get full... I'm not always hungry when I eat.. but my problem is I don't know when to stop. I out eat Doug EASILY....You know when you eat and eat and eat and you say oh I'm so full I can't eat another thing... that, that doesn't happen to me. My mind tallys what I ate and says Ok... you've had four pieces of pizza, 6 garlic sticks, a plate of salad and a dessert pizza... don't you think you've had enough???? But really I could sit there all day and eat... and not get full. I just wish my mind tally would tally earlier than it does....I wish I knew what it was to feel full!
I'll eat something even if I'm not crazy for it... cuz I think thats a waist if I throw it out.... or I'm spending money on that dinner, I better get my monies worth. Thats from my mom... when I was little, we didn't have much money and I knew what food she put out she worked hard for. But now we make good money but I still think that way.... I need to break that habit.
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3 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    Your parent's voices can haunt you at the worst times! Being aware of the situation is half the battle so you've got that one and by tracking what your eating will be a good help too. If only there was a control panel that we could just make a few turns and twists and fix some of these issues!

    Keep smilin' you've got the winnint attitude.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for your honesty Shari, and motivating me. My stomach is so sore from that bloody weight. NO pain no gain right?!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Your turn to do a Random Sharijoy!!! Better mention me somewhere in there (just joking!!)