Well, I just got confirmation yesturday... my sister in law Kim and her husband George are expecting a new addition to their family!!! She went for her ultrasound and there was a good little heart beat!! She was abit worried/ wondering if she was or wasn't pregnant!! We all thought for sure she was... but she had a hard time getting pregnant with her second, so she didn't want to get her hopes up too much. Dugs, mom and dad.... we'll call them Nana and Papa.. have been blessed with 7 grandbabies..... all GIRLS!!! They are dying for a lil grandbaby to have some out door plumbing!! I feel this baby will be a boy. That way it also takes some of the pressure off of Dug and me to produce a male gender. I'm so excited for Kim and the family. Their Oldest is Grace Adel, then theres Ella Rose and if its a girl again ( which it won't be) she will be named Georgia Mae.... not sure of the first names spelling it could be Jorgia....and if its a boy he'll be Charles Thomas. If Dug and have a boy he'll be Parker Thomas... Its ok if they have the cousins have the same middle name... the last names are different. Sometime around when Kim's baby comes... I wanna get pregnant again... I'd like Kali and her sibling to be close in age. They'd be about 21-23 months apart. Thats an all right age difference isn't it?? I'm hoping for a boy... but will be happy with whatever.... just hope NO TWINS!! Which do run in my family. We'd have to buy another house... and I love my house. Anyways ... back to Kim... we are so happy for her and George... they are such new age parents.... I can't wait till Kali is of age to hang out with her Aunties, Uncles and Nana and Papa for a summer!!! Well... I mean... I can WAIT... but I'm excited for her to get to see different and new things there. Funny how we want to give so much of what we didin't have and so much of the good things we did have. How do you balance it all??? I don't want her to be spoiled in a bad way!! Time will tell... I think alot of my mom Helen in me won't allow that to happen!! BIG HUGS AND KISSES TO KIM, GEORGE AND THE GIRLS!!!


Doris the psychic...
Friday evening we had our monthly hang out with the girls nite and we decided to have a psychic come to the house and do individual readings on everyone!! It was pretty fun.. I don't really believe in it.. I've never had a " Holy Crap" reading where everything was bang on. I have to say she did pick up on some things that I could interpret the way I'd like them. NANA if you are reading this apparently by the end of the summer I'll be pregnant again. Oh, yeah and sometime in the fall I'm breaking my right leg!!
The best part of the evening was the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!! I was dipping everything in that sucker!!! pineapple, strawberries, pretzels (they were my fav) biscotto, my fingers, tongue...ok not the last couple but I wanted to!!
Not sure what exciting thing we'll do next month... I just love my girls nite!!

PS brought some chocolate home for Dug... he thought it was mighty tasty...Just might have to buy a chocolate fountain!! lol
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5 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Congratulations on becoming an Auntie again!!! I'm glad the girls night was fun. We should do a pleasure nite party. I'd be into that and of course my husband would love to see what goodies I could bring home for him! (wink wink!)

  2. ShariJoy Says:

    k... I'll look in to that for April.I think it'd be fun!! we could do a bring a friend night?? ya think??

  3. Pen Says:

    Congrats on you guys becoming new Auntie and Uncle again!

    ooooh, girls night sounds fun and exciting! I'd bring a friend but considering my two closest already belong to the group, lol.

  4. ShariJoy Says:

    what about boss lady?

  5. Pen Says:

    muwahahahaha, SURELY YOU JEST?!?!