I don't know if your men go clothing shopping with you.... ever since my pregnancy Dug has shown an interest in helping me pick out clothes... At first I thought WOW this is kinda cool!!!
So, theres this old timers hockey dance coming up and I wanted to get a new top for the evening. Dug comes in shopping with me... I like neutral, olive green, burnt orange, brown.... you get the gist... anyway, I think as women we tend to gravitate towards the same sort of clothing and color scheme. I pick out this nice BROWN top ... I say " What about this Hunny?" He says " Not another BROWN shirt.... get something thats different... that has some color" I like brown... but trying to appease him I think OK I really should try something different... I see this nice white tank top... I think " thats nice!!" Doug says a tank top... you shouldn't wear that it shows off your boobs too much!! I can't help that I have boobs... I love tank tops.
New store.... he's picking out some nice stuff and some stuff that is kinda abit grannyish!! ( to say the least)I sneak in an olive tank to try on... its nice but cut funny in the boobs... he says " I don't think a tank is what you should wear.. I perfer you with sleeves" I say " why? do you think I have fat arms?" he doesn't cop to an answer either way!! I never thought about my arms before... I know I have some big pipes on me... but they have never bothered me. They still don't I love tank tops and will continue to wear them. Dug comes to the change room and says" Shari how about something layered? " I thought it was too cute... he knows what layering is!! I said I don't layer cuz that means adding more clothes untop of already big boobs!! anyway we found two tops.. they'll do till I loose somemore weight and can layer!! lol
It was so cute having him bring me clothes to the change room!! Reason 101 "why I love him!!"
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Dug is such a Metrosexual!!! Scott's the opposite...if I wear something that has a hint of cleavage he is like "vavavoom...". Shay was sick last night so we don't know if we're going to PR. Oh the joys of parenting....TOILET PAPER!!!
    Talk to you later!

  2. ShariJoy Says:

    Oh trust me he likes the cleavage.... he always gives me those "NICE BOOBIES" eyes!! You know the eyes with the slightly raised eyebrows... bit of twinkle in them and a half cocked smile!! I like thoose eyes!!! lol

  3. Jenny Says:

    I'm going to come in on Sunday. Me you and Penny should get together for a walk or meet for coffee. Talk to you later! I'll phone you tomorrow. We've had the LONGEST day today. Did our a nice chunk of change back!! YIPPPEEE!! But wait...where did it go?

  4. The last time I took R shopping with me was .... 1996. It was to find a dress for his sister's wedding. He offered NO COMMENT to anything. He was terrified, I swear. Terrified.

    I hate shopping. Could Doug do mine for me? LOL