Heres a picture of Kali taken a couple days ago. My brother in law set up a family and friends website so we could post pictures of each other and keep in touch.... but the web server has been down and I haven't been able to send my mother in law updated pictures.... so I thought I'll just post some here!!
Heres Kali with Auntie Steph at Auntie Roys house warming party.
This is Alibi and Kali hanging out in Kalis room.

When Dug and I first brought Kali home we were a bit nervous, wondering if our other baby(Alibi) would be ok with this.... We did everything with this dog... and he came every where with us.
He took to her the second we put Kali down... isn't it just a miracle how a dog can sense that she belongs to us. Alibi followed me everywhere... he didn't let Kali out of his sight. If she'd cry, he'd cry and.... if you knew our dog, you'd know he doesn't bark,whine or otherwise...It wasn't Dug getting up at three in the morning when Kali was crying for a Mama burger... it was Alibi!! There were times I thought I was gonna trip over him and kill myself he was that close. Now... Kali doesn't cry much anymore.. but if Daddie has her and Kali lets out a cry... and Daddie doesn't respond fast enough... Alibi is on the hunt to track me down.. where ever I am in the house.... I mean where ever... we have a pocket door on our downstairs bathroom ... he's opened it to say hurry up Kalis crying... and Dads to slow!!! As a Mom... I guess theres no such thing as privacy!!!

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3 Responses
  1. Tanya Says:

    Thats so cool, dogs are amazing aren't they? Cute pics too!

  2. Jenny Says:

    I love that gorgeous baby!!! (of course you too!!)

  3. Pen Says:

    I love that pic of her and Alibi...he truly did accept her as one of his people. Her personality shines through in the top picture and I'm with Jenny...she's just loveable like her Mommy.