I don't know if many of you enjoy reno shows but me I LOVE EM!!!! Last year I started watching "The Block" its an Aussie based show where four couples move into a four-plex and have to reno their own apartments and reno common areas together. So I saw only apart of last seasons. But this seasons show.... I have seen almost all of it!!! boy oh boy talk about conflicts in everything.... especially with the people..... which I must say was evil of me to love!! So I'm torn on who I want to win!!! I wished that Danny and Monique wouldn't of quit... I really liked them. After that I really liked Jane and Matt.... but now I think they are all evil..... Jason and Kristen don't much like them but thought they were shown in a bad light. Jamie and Andrew sorta just drifted thru it all with only an awesome bathroom and nice back yard!! The Gays...Richard and Steven....they were the center of all the pot stiring!!! There were things with Matt and Jane I didn't like that they did but I think all and all I like them best!! Based on sheer design of each apartment. Richard and Stevens is too over the top for me ... I liked one of their bathrooms and one of the they had good storage solutions. Jamie and Andrew... their stuff was kinda plain.. everyday stuff... it didn't WOW me. like I said nice backyard... the bathroom they did was nice but again not my kind of thing with a big sliding glass door. Kristen and Jason .... I liked alot of their rooms not plain, not over the top, some good ideas and very liveable with style.
Matt and Jane.... I like their stuff like K & J, lots of neat ideas, cool spaces with style. Everybody was so nasty to one another at the end I was in shock!! So who do you think is gonna win..... and why.... I think I am still leaning towards Matt and Jane. Guess I'll have to wait till next week... wish they would of given us some previews.....I'll have to get Pen to tape it for me I'll be night shift.
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  1. Pen Says:

    I got your back sistah!! God Shari I don't know who I want to win....I want to see the whole apartment in slow motion, lol. Richard and Steven are major shit disturbers and the flowery crap has got to go. I'm leaning towards Kristen and Jason but torn too with Matt and us the apartments, lol.