Wow... you think when you have a child... one of everything is good enough!!! NOT. We pretty much need Three car seats.... thats just to start. The one in my car is not easy to pull in and out... plus the whole time factor... when I'm going to work I don't want to spend 45 mins unloading all of Kalis stuff. So Dug and I decided that we need another car seat for whoever is gonna be our baby sitter. ( which for now will be my mom... unless she can't handle it... time will tell) So now Dug and I have a plan of when hes day shift... I'm nite shift... so the first day I'll wake up and drop Kali off early afternoon.... then I'll cat nap... then I go to work early to drop off the van to him take his truck and go to work. He'll finish work go get Kali and bring her home. Then the next day when hes dayshift he'll bring Kali to my moms.... I'll sleep in get up in the afternoon drive to Eurocan to get the van... drop off the truck.... get Kali for the Afternoon... then drop her off for shift change at my moms drop the van off again and take the truck..... I can see us buying another carseat for his truck very very soon!!! Then we need to buy an exersaucer for my moms house, we have two door sill bouncing thingys, at a garage sale I got a second play pen for my moms house for Kali to sleep in, then I'll drop off toys and extra clothes, diapers, food, cereal, formula, blankets, spit up blankets and so on. So that only leaves us to cart back and forth the stroller, the bumbo seat, and ohh yeah Kali!!! does it quadruple with two??? Hope not!!! Thank God for now its only two days every week.... any more than that I might go batty.!!!!

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  1. Jenny Says:

    I'm buying Gav a booster seat in the next week or so. You can have his car seat!

  2. Pen Says:

    ooooh, those cheeks are so squeezable, lips so kissable and eyes so happy with a cute little button nose!

    Aunt Jenny to the rescue, talk about timing. It's nice to have friends with children.