I have a problem...... Dug and I have a boys name all picked out...He'll be Parker Thomas but as for girls names we are lost!!!!!! Any middle name I like Dougs sister Kim has as her childs name so those are out( Grace, Rose and Mae) I've used Joy with Kali so I can't use that again. We'd like the name to be unique but nice... not to hard to say and so on. I don't like June. I thought about Leigh but I think Dougs brothers daughter has that as her middle name. My two close friends have Lynn as a middle name but thats my cousins name.. so can't use that. Here I am worried about a middle name and we don't have a first name either. Plus like Jenny says Kali Joys name is so pretty how do I equal that!! I thought Parker for a girl or boy but Dug only likes it for a boy. I also thought maybe Winter for a middle name... I'll keep posting names I like... The problem will be names Dug and I agree on together. My gut says BOY BOY BOY but better have back up incase. Any suggestions???? I like different!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Cassidy Rae!!!(Kassidy)

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hailee, Avery, Ava,Makayla (you could call her Kayla),

  3. Jenny Says:

    Kini Lynn!! (Jenny Lynn in Hawaiian) Come's not that bad?!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Jenna (her 2 Aunties would be flattered!)Autumn Jade

  5. ShariJoy Says:

    Don't like Haliee, Ava or Makayla.. Avery its ok. Not to into Jenna (SORRY) I'm thinking theres no way Dugs gonna go for another "Ka" sounding name.... remember he didn't like Kali cuz there was to much "Ka" in his family...Carole, Kim, Kevin, Keyanna, Clint,Kalen and Kerria so I don't think theres a hope in hell for any C or K names. I wanted Autumn Joy but Dug didn't like it But Autumn Rae sounds pretty. Wrong season when the baby comes.... I thought maybe either Hope or Faith for a middle name kinda goes with Joy. I like Emma, Erin and Emily but WAY to popular. Emma and Emily were in the top 5 girl names in all 52 states. Mostly number one and two along with Madison. So those are all out!!! I do really like Autumn Rae!! I'll whisper that in Dugs ear while hes sleeping!!!!!

  6. Pen Says:

    Allegra also means idea, lol

  7. Kim Says:

    Ok - I am into the name Violet... big time! I would name my next daughter that, but George has his heart set on Georgia Mae. Also like Laura, Maeve, Talia (my friend named her daughter that - very sweet), love the name Imogene too.

  8. Kim Says:

    Layne is nice too.

  9. Jenny Says:

    Autumn Winter? sorry couldn't resist!

  10. Jenny Says:

    Alex Rae, Tessa, Scott likes Olivia?(uggh)

  11. Jenny Says:

    Kaia (means the sea)Lily.

  12. Nora Elizabeth
    Ocean Mae
    Willow Elizabeth
    Maia Rae

    (do you think I like Elizabeth?)

  13. Keigan

    What about Helena (pronounced Hel-ay-nah). Nice tribute, eh?

  14. Jenny Says:

    I love Siobhan!

  15. Jenny Says:

    Macy, Lola....Apple

  16. Pen Says:

    I like Autumn Rain still, lol.

  17. Jenny Says:

    I like Autumn Rae!

  18. Janelle Says:

    i like Autumn Rain - but spelt Rayne....
    i like McKenna, Reese, Olivia (sorry Jenny!), Brooklyn, Raenna, Reeana, Taegan, Amber, Paige, Allie, Brittney, and of course my favorite name....whoppps..can't tell you! gotta save it for me!
    but i have to tell you - Parker is on my top 5 of baby names for boys, awesome pick!
    can't wait to see what you choose!

  19. ShariJoy Says:

    Thanks gals you've given me some ideas I like Willow, Ocean, Kaia, Talia, Taegan... But I still really like Autumn Rain (Rayne). Theres other names I like but can't use cuz my sister in law is gonna use em, Dugs nieces are Amber and Ashley, my girlfriends dog is Riley joy....and then theres Dug turfing almost all of em!!! But he seems to like Autumn