Well been busy this last week...... My friend bought a house.. Kali had all her 6 month check up and shots... went to see a Coy Cup game....Oh yeah and I found out I am with child!!! Thats right I'm pregnant... Kali will have a little sibling around Nov 13th 2006. Now I need to figure out what I need to do to re-qualify for MAT leave. So I may be back to work within the next couple of weeks...I need 600 hours of work to go off again. We are soooooo happy... we or should I say I wanted to have our kids close together... under 2 years. So they will be 15 months apart.
I"M NOT SURE WHAT I"M GETTING MYSELF INTO!!! The good thing is Dug is a great hands on kind of dad so I know I'll have lots of help. And its not like I'm the only person in the world to have kids this close together... so I'll just cope. Figure out how to make things run as smoothly as possible. Dug and I hope the next one is as good as Kali is.
So Nana and Papa are going from 7 grandbabies to 9... Kim is due in Oct and then us in Nov... I told Kim if she has a boy, we'll have a boy... If she has a girl, we'll have a girl. We can't have one poor lil boy with 8 girl cousins!!! Him being the youngest he wouldn't stand a chance against all them girls.
My gut feeling is Kim and I are both having a boys. Time will tell. So far I feel great. Travelling the other day made me a bit queezy. I never was sick with Kali... hoping the same will go for this one!!! Oh by the way Dugs calling this baby F350!!! Cuz there goes his new truck!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    What? You're having a baby?? Just joking!! I'm still grinning from ear to ear with the news of Parker.
    I'll talk to you later!!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    I told Scott of baby F350...thought that was pretty funny!!!!
    Phone me later...need to talk!!

  3. Pen Says:

    Hal's cracking up at the F350 too. This is so wonderful Shari and will it be a Parker or a Posey?? I will lmbo if Kim has a girl and you have a about kissin' cuzins!!

    Still smiling and huge happy heart for you, Doug and KaliJoy.

  4. Janelle Says:

    oh my goodness!! wow, good for you! congrats! you are a very brave woman...Kamryn's a year, and i'm not ready yet! but i am excited to follow you on this journey!!

  5. ShariJoy Says:

    Thanks Gals..... Janelle... my partner and I are older so I told him if we are gonna have two they better be back to back!!

  6. HOLY HELL!!!! Congratulations! You sound elated, so therefore, I am elated for you.

    I would like to add.... better you than me! LOL