Dug this past weekend was in the oldtimers hockey tourny (I find that in itself funny... to be an OLDTIMER you have to be 35!!! )... anyway.... there was a beer garden the whole weekend. Penny and I decided to go watch their last game on Sunday together ( her hunny Hal is an OLDTIMER too) so after the game we all went to the beer gardens... more for the leftover meatballs and roastbeef than the beer!! Dug and Uncle Zero (thats Hal.. Uncle Zero is Kalis hero) shower and meet us in the garden... at this time I'm wondering if I should be there with Kali or not... but there isn't alot of people there... she brought her own bottle whats the harm??? Then Dug sits down puts his ball cap on Kali and says to her " There now your're of age!!" Penny and I look at him and he says... anytime my dad took me somewhere I was too young to go he'd put his ball cap on my head and say just that!! I thought it was cute and abit funny... Papa if you are reading this no wearing ballcaps when you take Kali out!!! haha
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  1. Jenny Says:

    What a sweetheart!!! Kind of funny that mommy, daddy and baby girl have already hit a drinking establishment together!!

  2. That's a really cute kid.

  3. Pen Says:

    I just love her and her smile!! She looks more and more like Mommy everyday.