So the other day Dug and I decided to take Kali on an ATV ride... she's cleared the drive way when Dug did snow removal... But this time we thought we'll go on a lil trip down the back roads. so we all bundled up and off we went... down the driveway.. across the street... up the path.. across the street onto the dirt back road.
" Mom, Dad.. you guys are too boring!!" She fell asleep!!! Not even 5 mins into our adventure and shes sleeping!! so then Dug gave me the pack and we turned her into my chest to sleep... and we went on our own adventure!!! I swear she'll be a lil adrenaline junkie... and Dug and I will be BORING!!! Here I was thinking we were gonna be COOL parents!! Time will tell!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    I bet you guys looked pretty cool all decked out with your shades and on the green bomber!

  2. Jenny Says:

    What was that TV show that had the motorcycle cops...Chips!! Dug looks like he should be on Chips!!!