My sister in law Kim is a publicist one of her friends/clients is the author Ann Douglas.... Ann Douglas happens to be in blogland. This is an email from Ann inviting people to join her.

> BTW ­ If any of you are looking for a “health buddy” to encourage you to achieve your fitness or healthy eating goals (you know, the stuff that tends to end up on the back burner when you’re taking care of the rest of your family!), I am blogging about my own efforts in this area at and I’d be happy to be one of your health buddies if you’d like to be my healthy buddy, too. Anyone who is trying to work on improving their health in any way is welcome: drinking more water, relaxing more, taking more time for yourself, putting on your running shoes and making it around the block in the same week, upping your veggie intake -- whatever!

So I thought I'd post this in the weightloss blog but I couldn't get into the site so I posted it here. I'll send her a link to our weight loss blog too. Hope you all enjoy it and can get something out of it.
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