Well all my blogger buddies... I did it I finished my first tour back at work!! It's like that place is stuck in a time warp.... nothing has changed the people are the same... well one new guy. The work, the way the department is run, the way everyone complains about the same things they complained about over a year ago. Its like I stepped back into time.... but with out the bad hair and bad clothes... and thats only cuz everyone wheres hats and coveralls. The good news is 48 hours down from my 600 hours I need to go on MAT leave again.
So Dug and I made arrangements with girlfriends to watch Kali this tour and it worked out really well. Cuz of our shifts we only need a sitter for a day and a half. Kali and her dad went to Terrace for an outting on my first day back to work.... but he still managed to have a a great meal made for me when I got home. Kali and I had enough time to play and read and then it was her bed time and mine.( 12 hours makes for a LONG day) My second dayshift Dug and Kali were gonna go to the pool but there was no swim time when he got there so they went to visit with Auntie Sharole who just got back from Hawaii and she brought back Kali some cute stuff. Then Dug decided to put Kali in our hottub outside.... he even videotaped it for me. Soooo cute her kicking around. When I'm nights Dugs days so Kali went to Auntie Pens for a few hours Weds evening and Auntie Nancy took Kali at 6:30 am on Thurs WHAT A TROOPER!!!! she said Kali was really good and she went back to sleep till 9am. I picked her up by 12:30 pm we palyed made dinner and dropped her off again with Auntie Nancy at 5:30 pm and Dug got her at 6:30 pm. so all and all she cooped just fine!!! She did so well she didn't even look my way when I was leaving!!!
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2 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    You need Dug to make her a license plate for the love bug!!!

  2. Pen Says:

    Love the hot tubby pic and she looks like she could be an adrenaline junkie with the grip and grin she's got in the bug!