Last week end we helped Penny move into her new place. Congrats Pen and Hal!! While I was there pther people were to and everyone gets to yacking!!! I was in SHOCK!!! my mouth fell two feet at least. I just could not believe what I was hearing. I thought this can't be true!!
What is it you say!! You'd never ever guess!!
We have a private school here St Anthonys I believe its K-7 anyway. A few weeks ago it was brought to the attention of one of the teachers that the "IN" kids were doing self mutilation!!! Can you believe that read that again slowly let it sink in S-E-L-F M-U-T-I-L-A-T-I-O-N!!! they were cutting there arms and legs drawing blood and leaving scars!!I think it was the grade 5's and up but still!! where do kids get ideas that that is cool and acceptable?? how did their parents not see the scars?? I mean I know its easy to hide stuff from your folks but never wearing a t-shirt around the house... pjs... shorts??? If the youth is doing that at that age what will they be into later??? its just SCARY!!!!! I remember being that age tha most troubling thing we did was eat all the liqueur chocolates out of the box and run around the neighbourhood in our jammies!!! ( remember that Trudi?)
With all the modern conveniences today shouldn't we have more quality time with our kids?? shouldn't we know them better, understand them more, be able to talk with them at their level. what are we doing with all of our free time.... whats so much more important?? I mean I just don't get it!! We are falling the next generation. Whos parenting these kids??? why is this happening to them so young??? this is the time where their not supose to be screwed up... they are supose to be kids and play and laugh and just have meaningless fun. I'm scared for Kali and all other kids out there.

I also heard disturbing news about the highschool girls.... they are having anal and oral sex to avoid getting pregnant.... they haven't got a clue what sex is all about!! This upsets me to no end... I can't even write anymore about it cuz I just can't believe they would allow themselves to be used like that.... for what??? what are they getting out of it??? A reputation!! its just sick. what happened to innocences???
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  1. Jenny Says:

    It's horrible what's happening with some of these kids out there. I watched some show and it was about how kids were "choking themselves" for pleasure!!!!!!!!!!I was shocked.
    I think we have to be open with our kids, make family time a priority, keep our eyes and ears open!
    Kali will turn out fine, she's got great parents, and an amazing support system surrounding her!!!(I was just thinking tonight, in another 1.5 year I can have her for a sleepover!!!)

  2. It's total reality. Self mutilation starts even younger in some kids. They feel they have no outlet and that's what they use. What happened to the angst ridden poetry of our youth?

    Watch Degrassi Next Generation some time. Keeps me in the loop. They did a whole episode about girls getting gonnorhea or chlamydia in their throat from giving blow jobs and they were giving bjs to earn popularity bracelets. I felt so naive watching it but it was enlightening.

    I have a big role in raising my son - I need him to respect himself, think for himself, make choices out of his heart instead of from fear and TO RESPECT ALL WOMEN.

    Tall order!