Today.... I did NOTHING... I think Kali is starting to get her teeth cuz she was up at 4 am then again at 5:30 then she came to bed with Dug and I after he got home from nite shift. Kali and I woke up somewhere around 10:30 -11... NO POWER.. so I fed her.. knitted for abit ( yes I'm my mother and grandmother all in one... except I can only make scarfs.. hats.. and booties) then decided we should go back to bed... what else is there to do... it was snowing outside... no power inside... Dug was sleeping cuz its hes last nite shift tonite soooooooo I might as well cuddle up to him and keep warm!! so the three of us slept... and slept... Dug got up before Kali and I .. power came back on and I made an apple crisp... from apples I picked off our trees in the yard last summer. Read some emails... was mad cuz LOST was a repeat... had floor/play time with Kali Joy and then... and then thats it... just a real do nothing day... and loved it. I don't like to do much house work when Dug is sleeping and has to go in on nites so I wait till hes up or do something thats not too noisy. Besides cuddle time today lead to me getting another new nickname from Dug....I don't know what it is with guys... Why do they like grabbing our belly fat??? I mean I know its there... but anyhow he likes grabbing a big ole fist full!!... so today it was named... its now foundly known as my " TUB OF LOVE!!" Anyhow hope you all get nice lazy days like that... with someone you love.
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  1. ShariJoy Says:

    I was just reading my own blog... my dirty mind came out when I read floor/play... I was thinking something else... lol.. am I the only one that thought that?

  2. Jenny Says:

    Tub of love!! Awwh...cute! I hate when Scott grabs my gut. He always says,'Hiya chubby!'. Can't say that I think that's cute, but oh well.