So tonight I work night shift.... Doug was suppose to be dayshift he took it off to go to court to dispute a speeding ticket ( he didn't win) He very very rarely speeds.... last year we were on our way to our prenatal class he was maybe 5 clicks over the limit if that the cop pulled us over miles away from where he radared us. Dug didn't know he was suppose to ask his questions to the cop so he didn't then the judge just said nope you are fined... Dug said if I'm suppose to question the cop it would be nice if you let me know that. so anyway we owe 138 buckroos!!! I should of got up and went with him..... cop soooooooooo lied.. he told the judge he was stationary when he caught Dug going over that limit. HE WAS NOT!! Anyway whats done is done.
So well Dug is in Terrace.. I decided to have a nice relaxing bath with Kali. We do it often. its great...MOSTLY!!! But today not so great!!! She and I are flaking out in the tub enjoying the warmth of the water. Shes kicking and splashing her lil feet and hands making water go everywhere. very cute... Then... shes kinda laughing... I sit up and I see something floating in the water... I think WHAT IS THAT??? I think she farted out a lil poop!! I sit up some more only to find Three huge floating logs in the tub as well as some lil coin droppings!!! GROSS!!!!!!! Then She looks at me and gives me the biggest smile ever!! Picking floating poop out of a bath tub is not FUN!!!! The thing is I am thankful that they stayed together and that I wasn't sitting in a pool of floating pond ( poop) scum!!! So how was your bath today???
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  1. Jenny Says:

    That is so hilarious!!!! Jonas did that once. It was gross to clean up!!!! OH the joys!!!
    Give her a big hug fo me!!! You too, I miss ya!!

  2. Pen Says:

    oh my god...that totally cracked me up!!! Thank goodness the office is quiet right now, lol. Li'l choco bars floatin' in the tubby.

  3. hee hee ha ha ha ha

    We've never had a pooped-in-bath, knock on wood!

  4. Tanya Says:

    Thats too funny!