So I was tagged by Tanya to list 10 simple pleasures I here they are in no particular order!!

1. That health is on my family's side
2. All of the facial expressions my daughter gives and her lil laugh
3. Anytime spent with Dug no matter what we are doing
4. A warm sunny day spent outside enjoying it..... in soooooo many different ways from laying around, gardening, or jetskiing
5. Travelling
6. walking along a beach and having my feet sink into the sand while the water comes up and washes my toes off
7. spending time with family...... or awesome girlfriends whether its on the phone or hanging out
8. a hot tub on a clear stary night.... or a bubble bath with candles and Dug or a good book!!!
9. The unexpected pleasure of getting a card or flowers from friends/ family/ Dug..... The cards that Dug gives me!!
10. When Kali reaches up for me, or pull me into her, or falls asleep on my shoulder.......knowing what unconditional love means.

Well I don't know 10 people to tag..... so I hope you all enjoy the simple things .....Life is soooo worth taking in very moment... cuz once its past you can never have it back again...... so make the most out of it..... oh yeah and stop to smell the flowers and smile more!!!

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2 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    I smelled my flowers today!! It was so awesome spending time with you, and with Pen. Did you get some good driftwood?

  2. Pen Says:

    I love the first part of your #8, that's so awesome! We did quite a bit of yardwork today as well and it's so different doing it to your own yard.
    ooh, it's nice when the scent of the flowers starts wafting about.