So I have some sad news to report... my sister in law Kim miscarried tonight. I wish I lived closer to just be there for her and give her a hug, help her with whatever she needs, give her some time for herself to just be. to talk, to share, to laugh, to cry. So tonight Kim, George, Grace and Ella Rose our hearts and thoughts are with you. I'm sorry you had to go through that on your own at the hospital. I know you still need to grieve.......... when we talked I know that telling Grace is weighing heavy on your mind... you will find the right way to share this with her. She understands more than you think.

Its soooooooo hard sometimes being away from people who mean alot to you... people you want to just be there for and reverse. I know I have been worried that I may have another blighted ovum... I think next week after the holiday I'm going to make an appointment to have an ultrasound done for peace of mind.

Tonight Kim my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ..... know that you are loved and thought about... know that I understand how you are feeling, know that I am only a phone call way.... know that noone can tell you how or what you should be feeling. You will deal and cope the best way you know how and you will make it through this. I'm glad you still could laugh with me today ...( Starbucks) Not funny but FUNNY!! Love ya
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4 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    I feel so awful for Kim!!! I'm thinking about you and your family!!
    You'll feel so relieved once you get the ultrasound!
    Thinking of you!!

  2. Pen Says:

    I'm sorry to hear about Kim and her family's loss. Sending comforting thoughts to all.

    Shari, glad to hear you're going to have the ultrasound to put your mind at ease.


  3. Lucy Says:

    Sorry to hear about your sister in law. Its never easy to deal with a loss.
    First ultrasounds are always the best for re assurance!


  4. Janelle Says:

    Shari - i'm so sorry to hear about your little niece/nephew as i celebrate mine. i'll never understand why so many pregnancies are being lost. i can only imagine the hurt. i'm sending hugs to you too cause i know that you are feeling the hurt too!