Sooooooooo for the longest time now I've been trying to grow my hair out!!! and it sucks!! I look like new mom who doesn't give a crap about how she looks in public!! and I hate it!! I hate bumping into people cuz not only do I have bad hair but I also STILL am overweight!! I'm not even sure why I am growing my hair out. Most of the cuts I like are short cuts or medium cuts. I am NOT a fussy girl I want wash flip upside down put some spray maybe dry maybe not walk out the door!! When I have long hair all I do is pull it back in a ponytail, a bun, french braid, pig tails ( which I am WAY TOO OLD FOR but don't care) and sometimes two braids. The idea is nice!! what I envision is drop dead beautiful... will I ever do it like that NOT LIKELY!!! The other thing is I'm trying to grow my bangs out as well!!! that in itself is just scary looking.... what do you do with them once they get past your nose??? but yet they still are to short to add to the ponytail so I stick a barrette there with whispies EVERYWHERE!!! I think I might break down and get another inbetween cut before I venture on in UGLYLAND!!! How do the stars do it??? do they hide out for the year their hair grows?? get extentions WHAT!!! I need my own hair stylist. I'd love to go on one of those makeover shows... where they tell you what kind of clothes suit your body type... how to do your hair for your face shape... how to apply make up... I'd love for someone to show me how to apply make up.... all I wear is Sometimes eyeliner and always mascara. very rarely lip balm. pretty bad eh?? I remeber in highschool wearing GLOBS of make up BLUE eyeshadow and all!! maybe thats it!!!... maybe I scared myself into wearing nothing.
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  1. Jenny Says:

    I totally love makeup!!! I'll show you how to wear it baby!!!

  2. Lucy Says:

    Sister, you crack me up. I find I cant have long hair anymore, I dont know if its just cause Im getting older but I just cant keep it long.
    By the way, you know what the stars do when they are growing their bangs?? They grab that bit of bang and puff it up and put in it a clip..
    It seems to be the latest craze with bangs.
    Just think, you'll be the hottest pregnant chick in town,..

  3. Jenny Says:

    Oh I forgot to add...YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!!! It doesn't matter what you're hair looks least you don't look like "DONKEY!"(said with the Scottish Brogue!)

  4. Your hair grows faster when you're pregnant, so give it a little time. My hair was almost to my waist by the time I was done (of course, I cut it all off and am now growing it out again).

    Buy bobby pins and learn to pin your bangs and fluff your hair around it to hide it.

    Celebs have $400/hr hairstylists. We do not. We have to make do and look like ourselves and glow enough to hide bad hair days.

    Makeup is overrated. Wear sunscreen and a smile.

  5. Jenny Says:

    I don't think makeup's overrated. Even if I just whip on some eyeliner and my lip gloss, I can feel like a million bucks!!!(it could be classed as overrated because it doesn't make me look all that different, but hey, it sure makes me feel great!!)

  6. Pen Says:

    I think you've got amazing natural beauty to begin with Shari and an innate ability to pull off whatever your wearing. As for the weight you're having back to back babies girl!! We're always toughest on ourselves.

    I can relate to the hair issue and am really trying to let mine grow to shoulder length again but it's so much easier to maintain when it's short!


  7. Tanya Says:

    Have you ever thought of getting some medium to long layers put in and get your bangs to blend in with them? Just a suggestion. Either way I think you looked great in your two ponytails, very cute:)

  8. ShariJoy Says:

    Thanks Tanya... don't think I'll ever grow up!! I think the problems lies with I don't know if what I like would suit me!! thanks guys.... the inputs great!!