Mommie and Kali enjoying the beautiful day

Kali Joy playing on the deck watching us

Daddie and Special K taking a break

I just love being outside

Mom you are turning me into such a lil poser!!

We all got outside and enjoyed the beautiful days... Dug thatched the yard, while I raked and weeded and lil Miss Kali watched from her high post... that is when she wasn't napping on the deck with Alibi.

I also got to spend sometime with a great friend I hadn't seen in years..... Nancy.N came up to take care of some family stuff so we got a good visit....shes so funny.... I just love being able to see an old friend and pick up where you left off and still know them and their quirks. Love her to pieces and enjoyed playing catch up.

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4 Responses
  1. Gorgeous photos!!! It must've been beautiful coast to coast this weekend. We couldn't stay inside and I LOVE BEING out in the warm sun.

  2. Pen Says:

    Those are so beautiful Shari!! What a great looking family and i'm so happy you were able to play in the's always fun.

  3. Lucy Says:

    Those pics of kali are so cute, makes me wanna squeeze those cheeks. When I finally seen her at Walmart, I cracked up cause she was laying on the seat part of the cart, and legs in the air, waving them like she just dont care, sucking her bottle.I loved it, it was so cute.

  4. Tanya Says:

    Its so nice outside these days...glad you could enjoy it. She's so cute Shari!