Today Dug and I went for a nice rollerblade ride with Kali then in town for lunch and to bring kali to the dinky lil fair that comes to town. On one of our many stops today we dumped into a girlfriend of mine Laura...she was asking... how I was and... how I was feeling and so on and so forth Dug pipes up and says "shes fine shes back to her OLD SELF .... " with a very unhappy face I might add.. Laura looked a bit puzzeled and says " well isn't that good?" Dug pipes up and says"NO" .... " Shes back to her old horney self!!!" Laura laughs and says he shouldn't complain. and I agree with Laura!! I told Doug this morning that he was gonna help me with my weightloss... that I could loose two pounds a day... if for the next twenty days we had sex at least once a day!! to make my plan seem worthy I told him that Penny and Hal and Jenny and Scott were on the same plan!! Not sure if he bought it!! But boy oh boy wouldn't it be great if it were true!!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    I have the WW slide for aerobic activity. 30 minutes of rigorous romping I think is 5 points...2 minutes must be 1 points at least!

  2. Pen Says:

    Hal says that he needs to talk to Doug about this...he thinks somethings afoot. I reassured him it has nothing to do with feet. ;-)