I stole this from Jenny!!

I hate being sooooooooo far away from my Dad
I hate with a passion putting away laundry
Scrapping off snow and ice from my car in the cold mornings
being lied to
dishonest people
people climbers!! ( incase you don't know what a person climber is ... its when .. say you are at a dance or function and someone you know but don't know well comes up to you and starts talking to you and you think wow... how nice only to realize that they are not looking you in the eyes all they are doing is scanning the room for a person higher on the ladder than you!! so they small talk you find the next person and move on!!)
which brings me to FAKE people
hate taking the garbage out
hate when people have those lil goat hairs... I wanna ripe em out when I'm talking to them... I can't take my eyes off the be curly hairs.
I hate body hair in general..... I love to never have to shave/wax/laser again
hate that I have back pain...I'm scared what lies ahead is not good!!
hate my big boobies
hate cleaning up puke... makes me wanna puke... especially when the dog is coughing one up... I have to leave the room or I'd puke too!!
lil pubies and other hairs in bathrooms...... makes me sick!!
hate that Dug will put his dishes in the sink or counter but NEVER in the dishwasher!!!
hate being too cold or too hot
hate that I'm crappy with keeping in touch with people who mean alot to me
hate that I haven't taken better care of myself
hate when I allow stupid lil things to annoy me
hate using public bathrooms
rude people
I'm sure theres more but I can't think of anymore right now!!
oh yeah I hate that I'm not a Millionaire!!!!

have a good one!!

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4 Responses
  1. Pen Says:

    (((Shari))) You've got some very good pet peeves for sure!

    hmmm, i'm feeling a wee bit too hormonal to even go with what I hate right now.

    ps: I hate that your not a millionaire too, lol

  2. Jenny Says:

    I hate that I haven't talked to you in two days...weep, weep!!!! miss you and Kali (dug too)

  3. Jenny Says:

    I hate using public bathrooms too~kind of grosses me out!

  4. Jenny Says:

    I can't stand People Climbers either!!!(I have experienced this one personally)