SO today I was outside enjoying the wonderful weather... and this damn Raven kept hanging around. I chased it off my back deck ..... the thing didn't move I was two feet from it... I was holding Kali so I threw a empty bucket at it and it flew away. I go into the front yard to weed and such and there is this damn raven...... I'm not sure if its the same raven but anyway its sitting on a tree stump squaking away and just annoying me.... so I pick up a handful of rocks and start target practice, I missed the first couple of times but the stupid bird didn't move!! so I thought I'll try one more shot!! I hit it on its back and it fell off the stump landed on the ground on its back with its feet in the air.... I thought OOOHHHH NNNOOOO.... I just wanted to scare it I didn't want to kill it!!! I went over and looked and he was struggling to flip over.... Iwasn't about to help him... not with the bird flu and all I went in a put my groceries away and kept coming out to check on him.... GREAT he rolled over but rolled under Dugs spare jeep parts in the bush and now he was stuck. I phoned Jen and Pen but they weren't home... I talked to Scott and he said wait a bit and see if it gets unstunned ...if not move it with a big stick.... I didn't mean to torture the poor thing. I think something was already wrong with it cuz what bird lets you get two feet from it and doesn't move when you throw rocks at it. But I was the topping on this birds cake if he was injurred now hes gonna be dead... I was upsetting it by watching it so I left and waited for Dug to get home.... He said it had a broken neck so he shot it with the bb gun to put it out of its misery.... or mine... or he just wanted to shoot something!! so may that poor Raven rest in peace now( inside the confines of a glad bag) and hope he gets lots of bread and bird seed in heaven. OH yeah and sorry.
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Don't feel bad at all!!! He obviously wasn't quick on the wing!!

  2. Tanya Says:

    You sound like me...even if it was an annoying bird like that...I'd still feel bad. I have a soft spot for animals, I must admit. We had a fish that just wouldn't die, but was barely alive and Jason finally flushed it...but I still felt guilty about it, sad...I know. Hope that birdy rests in peace!

  3. ShariJoy Says:

    Doug laughed at me.... I happen to have two cornish game hens on the barbie.... doug was wondering what crow would taste like!!! he loves bugging me!!

  4. Pen Says:

    RIP birdie!

    I don't think hanging it on the back deck would be a good thing though, lol. It would definitely scare the others away but also any company too.

    *still giggling over this and the play by play last night when Doug took care of business, lol.

    Try not to feel guilty, the bird was a gonner before you tossed a stone at it.


  5. Lucy Says:

    Its all good shari, at least kalis not old enough to bug you. One time coming back from Terrace I remember this bird flying by, and I thought I might of hit it. Totally forgot about the whole thing, well when we got home, I heard a big ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, and my daughter called me bird killer from then on.
    The bird was hanging off my head light.