Kali in her Life jacket...still too big for her! should fit her next year!!

Look's like someones had one too many..under the heat of the sun!!

These raisins are the BOMB!!

Cool ... look at all the other babies!!

Is it nap time yet???

Another wonderful day of sun, sand and friends... Dug and I packed up and headed to the picnic grounds for a lazy day... while the weather is still nice. Auntie Jenny, Uncle Scott and the boyz all came out and met us for a weenie roast!! it was very nice something we should do more often. I think we are all gonna try and plan a camp out with all of us... that'd be fun!! Just hope the weather will be good!! anyway just finished watching a movie with my hunny... thought I'd post a couple more pictures of Kali to entice PAPA a bit more in coming on our cross country adventure!! COME ON PAPA...... YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!!! There will never be another trip like this again!! Besides... how often does a daughter in law ask for in laws to come on a trip??? Well I'll keep working on yeah... I still have a couple months or so!!!
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