NO judging me.... I know I'm a BIG girl but I have vowed to take some picture with my daughter cuz If I don't she'll be grown up by the time I loose my weight!!

Our lil boo boo bear... drinking and floating

Alibi and I relaxing catching some rays!!

Alibi LOVES rolling around in the dirt after he has a swim

Our other baby soaking up the day and relaxing

Look Dad I'm sitting still for 5.2 seconds

Duggie and Kali on LAND!!

Lets get this PARTY started!!

Poor Alibi.. getting to old.... its come to being carted around in a tupperware container!!! But hes still CUTE

Just testing it out for Alibi

Not even a five minute ride and shes asleep!! We must bore her!!

Okay we are all set to go.... are we missing ANYTHING??? I think not!!
From our house its a stones throw to the Kitimat river.... in behind that is a nice lil water hole we like to go hang out at. Its great cuz theres never really anyone there its closer than driving to the lake and it got great cool water.. as well as some warmer spots. But right now its quite high so its really cool water. So Dugs back from PG... they won one game and lost the other. He has to work night shift tonite... so we didn't want to gooooo alllllllll the way to the Lake so we packed up the ATV and headed down the street to the swim hole. We put Kali in her wetsuit cuz the waters colder than the lake and wanted to make sure she'd be warm enough. As you can tell from the pictures WHAT WERE WE MISSING??? HUH LET ME THINK >>>>THE HOUSE!! We had the ATV loaded to the hilt... Dug put a tupperware container on the back so we could take Alibi... he mounted the carseat to the front of the machine along with an umbrella for shade, a bag with blankets ,drinks, snacks, towels name it!! and don't for get the floating turttle starpped to the back of the ATV. I was surprised there was room for Doug and I!! All and all it was fun Kali fell asleep on the way there... but when she woke she played in the water and just hung out!! it was a great day.... Duggie has to get a bit braver than his daughter.. she'll go in the water and NOT fuss ...him lucky if he goes past his ankles!! "ITS TOO COLD!!!" WIMP!!!!
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9 Responses
  1. org junkie Says:

    Shari that looked so fun! Great way to keep the baby from overheating. We have the same floaty but haven't tried it out yet.

  2. Pen Says:

    Okay, now that i've stopped laughing and am thinking the only thing you forgot was the kitchen sink!!

    Those are priceless and what a perfect way to load up.

    xo Pen

  3. Christy Says:

    Great pictures! You have inspired me to take pictures of me and my son more often. I am overweight right now and hate seeing myself in pictures but I don't want Tristan to grow up and never have any pictures with him. Thanks for sharing these! Looks like you had a blast! By the way where did you get that orange car seat? I love it!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Those pics are priceless!!! I would have loved to see the people's faces as this cute, happy family came putting by!!!! You guys give ATV'ing a new name girlfriend!! I've got the giggles!!! Gotta get back to my painting!

  5. Jenny Says:

    Oh Yeah, forgot to look beautiful!! Don't ever stop being in pics with Miss K!

  6. ShariJoy Says:

    Thanks girls...Christy... You know for the life of me I can't remember.. Dugs Mom picked it up for us... but we picked it out its a prego.. I think I'll have to look!! I think she got it at toys r us... but I'm not sure!! Orange is one of my favorite colors!! It is sad when I look at a year has almost gone by and I have only a handfull of pics with Kali... cuz I don't like the way I look or feel... But maybe by being in some more photos I'll start doing instead of complaining!! I know I have the power but in the meantime... I wanna look back at a photo.. like todays and think Man we had fun... and will Kali ever think Gee my mom was fat in that picture!! I think not she'll just think BOY I WAS LOVED!!!

  7. I love the photos - all of them! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Christy Says:

    Very true Sheri! And I must add that you look great in that picture. I forgot to say that the first time!

  9. Tanya Says:

    You all look like you really enjoy your adventures! Its so great that you take the time for the "simple things in life", they truly are the most enjoyable for the most part.

    Thats great that your taking pics with your daughter, and trying to do it more often. I too struggled with having my pic taken, cause when I saw them, I didn't like what I saw...but we need to take them for our kids...they see "mommy" not the weight, and thats what we all should see. Take care.