I'm gearing up to be a lil lacrosse player!!!

See ....I got my eye on that ball

Need to top up before the game!!

you want me to what???

Gee that just tuckered me right I know why Daddie needs to nap on the couch after games!!

Here is Syd and Kali at Haisla Days in the Village.... She was too young this year for any of the fun stuff....

Heres Daddie and Kali after his game on Sat....boy oh boy hes stinky!!

Auntie Roy and I ....she was showing me off at Haisla Days

Aunite Shelley and I......she said shes gonna paint my finger nails and toes to match Syd's

I'm a BIG girl now in my new highchair.....I like it cuz I can feed myself and make a big mess its pretty fun!!
Doug played PG last weekend they won both games!!..... not taking anything away from them BUT only 4 or 5 PG members were able to come so it was a bit of a slaughter fest by our guys. The good thing is the pick up's for PG were some of the newer players in Terrace and Kitimat so they got to get a feel for what a game is like!!
Dougs off to PG again this weekend........My not going.... I have to figure we should put that money into the Boston account!!
heres some pics of Kali!!
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6 Responses
  1. Janelle Says:

    Kamryn has that same beige & pink dress!!! i love it, it's super looks like you are surrounded with alot of people who love your little girl! that's awesome!

  2. Jenny Says:

    I MISS HER SO MUCH...and you too!!! Hugs to you both!!! Love ya!

  3. ShariJoy Says:

    Janelle...looks like we have the same taste in stuff!!

  4. Pen Says:

    awww, those pics are adorable! Looking at pictures you can sure see how much she changes...what happened to that little baby snuggled in your arms minutes ago?

  5. ShariJoy Says:

    I know she is almost a lil walking talking girl!!! How fast that went by!! shes gonna be ONE can you believe it!!

  6. Jenny Says:

    I know it travels fast!!! Shay is hitting double digits next year and our baby is 3!!!!!! Enjoy and savour every moment!!