I'm writing in BLOOD RED cuz I'd LOVE to kill off ALL the Bamboo in our yard!! YES read right BAMBOO!!! its everywhere!! You'd think it wouldn't do well here with the winters and lack of summers ...but I tell yeah.......its hearty as hell!! when we first moved in I thought yeah its ok I'd like to keep a bit of it....NOW I just want it all DEAD!!!! GONE!! AWAY somewhere else to haunt someone elses dreams!! We had some by our enterance.... it spread under the front deck and is literally growing up thru the deck floor boards...does it stop there NO!!! its reached the front deck flower bed as well!! then some genius decided to plant some in every corner of our yard... its taken over!!! its everywhere!! I should of taken a picture of the weed fest I started to tackle today!!! Bamboo..Ferns...forget-me-nots...corn flowers...all over growing everywhere...don't even let me start on the gout weed!!! So my question is how in the heck do you murder BAMBOO...DEAD...SO IT NEVER COMES BACK!!! Doug spent hours digging out the front entry bed...some of the roots were 3 feet deep and like tree roots....... not the easiest stuff to get rid of!! So if anyone has an idea........PLEASE.. I'm willing to try almost anything!! I'll take pictures of it and the section I'm working on later....I'm back to real work tommorow. Hey Org freak... got any ideas for keeping my weeds under control!!! LOL if only we could train those!!
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  1. Jenny Says:

    "Two weeks later, I understood. Nearby vegetation had browned and withered. But the bamboo stalks, unaffected, even taller and spreading faster than ever, waved defiantly in the breeze. In desperation, I checked with experts at an agriculture college. How do you kill bamboo? Well, I was informed, you can't kill bamboo. But you can find the person who planted it and kill him!"
    There must be a way!!! Thought this last line was funny!!!

  2. org junkie Says:

    Heck I don't even know what bamboo is. Would it fit in a!

  3. Lucy Says:

    Ill ask my boss, she will know, she knows everything to do with anything that is green.

  4. Lucy Says:

    hey shari
    taked to the boss, and she said that bamboo should never be planted in yards, it spreads like wildfire. She told me that Round Up will kill it all. U might have to pick up a few bottles. Itll wipe out all the bamboo.

  5. ShariJoy Says:

    Thanks Lucy I'll try it but I have my doubts!!!