"Got MILK?"


"'re the best!!" I swear she said that!!

Gav, Jossie and Shay...playing at the Lake

"Look Mom...look Mom...Look at me!!...I'm the Hot dive boy!!"

Jonus and Seamus about to embark on a seaweed adventure!!

" I have my own chair...cuz I'm a big girl now!!"

" Catch me if you can!!!" ...Seamus laughing at me kicking

Mommie and I being waterbugs!! I love the cool lake water!!

" I was born a bathing beauty!"

Auntie Pen ...."you're so funny!!"

Is this not the cutest...its Doug in a bathingsuit!!

Lil Miss Kali Joy and Cleo...hanging out at Auntie Pens and Uncle Zeros house!!

Good morning sunshine...big 12 hour sleeps at Auntie Pens house.

I Like Bob the builder!!

Cleo watching over me....Good Doggie

"What this isn't the remote?"
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  1. Jenny Says:

    Those are awesome pics!!!Sweet dreams sunshine!