Heres an Eagle hanging out along the rocks and logs of the shore

Heres one of the seals playing long the edge that I LOVE watching... sorry not a great shot!!

The eagle got spooked when I was getting to close

So he decided to land on our power post instead!!

This is a clamp truck....its what I drive. It clamps rolls of paper to lift them up

This is the front view from our dock...Hospital Beach is right across from us. I can watch people launching their boats

This is looking toward the Village

This is the view looking down toward the Douglas Channel

Another view looking toward the Village.
I'm not sure if I ever mentioned about my job.... I work in industry at a dock...I think its the best job at the mill!! My tittle is First Aid/ Clamp truck Operator. Basically I have the best view I'm outside I enjoy the great days... and when its crappy out I still have it pretty good...I just stay in my machine or go to the lunch room. But mostly I stay and watch all the wild life....I love watching the seals and otters play. The eagles come hang out too, usally on theway into work you can see a couple of black bears or moose or deer. Last year I was owl watching... but I haven't seen him this year!! The best part is getting paid 2o something bucks an hour to wild life watch!! Anyhoo thought I'd share my work pictures for a change....even though its the best job in the mill I'd still rather be doing something else!! Oh yeah but still getting the same money!! lol
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