Well Dug left this morning to PG for Lacrosse.....I worked Graveyard lastnite and got home just in time for us to have snuggles before he had to get ready to leave!! So I slept a few hours up by 10:40ish ran out to the car to get the paintcan I hide there from Dug yesturday!! Only to find that he had gone in my car to get out the cooler for his road trip......HUH??? Did he see the paintcan??...does he think I'll be able to paint the bathroom, pickup Kali from my moms, make dinner and work a graveyard shift, sleep...... thankfully ....Aunt Pen hung out with Kali and took her so I wouldn't have to drop her off!! SOOOOOOO in other words...YUP the bathroom is ALL painted both coats now I need Dug to come home and install everything else...cuz this RENO has lasted LONG ENOUGH!!!! Plus I already have my next project in mind...hehehe. ANyhoo at work soooooo gotta fly and be productive...or maybe just go out and enjoy all this SUNSHINE!!!!
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  1. Pen Says:

    uh oh..what are you up to? I agree that the flat is better then the glossy finish.

    Sorry I missed your call, was setting up the playpen for "Little Buttercup".

    xo Pen

  2. org junkie Says:

    Good job Shari! I'm impressed. Wish I could say I was as productive. I managed to organize a shelf and that was it.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Okay...what's your next project!!! Do I can get motivated to do something else around here!! Can't wait to see the bathroom!!! Take pics...I'm going to take some when I get everything all in order.
    Hope it's nice so we can catch some rays at the lake!

  4. Jenny Says:

    You should post the video clip of Miss K kicking up a storm!!