The other night Dug came to watch me play softball with lil miss Kali Joy.....she was all set up in her stroller. A lil girl named Jamie who is one of Dugs buddies daughters asked him if she took take her to the park for a walk. Dug said sure.... After some time goes by and Dug was watching for her and she wasn't coming. Dug decided to go and get her. He gets to the park and theres Jamie proudly pushing her around. Dug say to Jamie " Its time I take Kali back over to the ball park" A lil girl who was playing at the park pipes up and says" THATS KALI!!!"..." Is her name Kali... is that Kali" Dug taken aback abit answers "yeah her names Kali" the lil girl says " Shes beautiful!!" ..." My friend is Taylor and she talks about Kali all the time!!.. " Dug left there came over and told me the kids in the park were talking to him like Kali was a Movie star!! it was cute and funny..... shes KNOWN to people we don't even know!! but it is nice to know that our babysitter is sooooooooo taken with Kali and loves to spend time with her and talk about her to her friends!! Taylor told me the other day she'd watch Kali for free cuz she just likes hanging out with her.... but I told her though I appreciate her saying so......... shes worth every penny and more...knowing shes treating our daughter with such love and care!!!
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  1. Pen Says:

    I agree a great sitter is priceless!